Wholeheartedly committed to craftsmanship
embrace future with intelligent manufacturing

Since founding in 1984, Tianjin Great Wall Garments Group Co., LTD has been committed to the spirit of “Craftsmanship”. We do everything and treat each individual with a sincere heart, respect our clients as god, view products as limited versions instead of mass production and consider employees as the master of the company. For the past three decades, we have been dedicated in manufacturing high-end business wear for women. With constant efforts, we are in a position to provide the most powerful and professional services across Asia. In addition, our products hit one third of American and European market.

Our group has invested and constructed manufacturing bases in Vietnam as well as in Egypt, with the total production capability registered 5 million suits every year, all exported to American and European market. We are the exclusive manufacturer for TAHARI, DKNY, ANNATALOR, CK,TOMMY and other world-renowned brands.
In recent years, Great Wall Garments Group has upgraded its Tianjin manufacturing base, turning it into a smart factory offering individualized services, while sustaining the existing export business at the same time. The transformation into intelligent manufacturing has upended the traditional mode of manufacturing. Great Wall Garments Group has introduced intelligent production in its individualized restructuring for high-end women clothes, making “One order for one piece ”mode of production come true, ranking top in the industry across China.
In 2008, Great Wall Garments Group has established real estate section led by Hongkong TSC hotel management group as the development strategy. Within a decade, it has successfully set up multiple five-star hotels and resorts in Vietnam, Egypt, Tianjin China, Shandong China, Palau Republic and other regions and countries in the world. We aim to go global and build an international enterprise.
At Great Wall Garments Group, we have been constantly advancing and leaning our ways of management revolving “Quality first, clients first, scientific management and innovative management”, since we are making every effort to provide quality goods and comfortable experience-type services to our clients. Challenges are born together with opportunities, in which self-improvement can be achieved. We Great Wall people, with a down-to-earth and a dare-to-innovate attitude, in a spirit of honesty and integrity, will earnestly strive for a booming development and a prosperous future for the Group through first-rated products and ever-upgrading services.


“The way of thinking determines how you act and what you achieve”. Strict management,
efficient execution, precision about time and innovative spirit are considered
as Code of Conduct for every manager in the group.
Unique corporate culture nurtured in the evolving 35 years is cherished by every Great Wall people ,
which is“ Be loyal, be competent, be responsible, be self-restraint and be innovative”.
We will take credit as bedrock, constantly blazing new trails, playing wild and breaking stereotype,
so as to create endless glorious chapters for Great Wall Group.











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