Tianjin 1958 Building, as the gateway of Shuanggang Economic and Technological Development Area, is close to the outer ring of Tianjin, a few miles away from Tianjin Convention Center. Co-built by Great Wall Hotel and Real Estate Investment Company and a respected international hotel management group, this building is positioned as a middle-high end hotel brand in the region it belongs to. 
Tianjin 1958 Postpartum Recovery Center, owned by Tianjin Great Wall Garments Group Co., LTD, is an institute focusing on high-end Maternal and Child care services. Backed by powerful medical teams from internationally renowned maternity hospitals, it has introduced the most advanced private services for the maternal and babies. It boasts world-leading nursing techniques and a special team involved in Maternal and Child care services composed of experts from varied fields as well as management elites. 



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