Great Wall hotel Investment Company is focused on hotel investment with commitment to developing high-end business and resort hotel as its core strategy. Since establishment, the Great Wall management team adheres to the enterprise values of "Loyalty, ability, responsibility, self-discipline, innovation" and the continuous product iterative development to create exquisite accommodation experience of high performance-price ratio and improve the accommodation quality for travelers in China and even around the world.
With its headquarters located in Tianjin, the Great Wall Hotel Investment Company not only occupies the market in China, but also unceasingly expands the overseas markets and actively seeks cooperations and partnership with well-known hotel groups at home and abroad to learn the advantages from others and strengthen the basis of its own. In accordance with the operation principle of providing world top-quality services, the company is working with first-rate hotel management brands, such as Marriott, Hilton, InterContinental and Hyatt, to create tourist, business and resort hotels of international first-class standard.
Our hotels:
TSC Tianjin 1958 Building
TSC Full Wealth International Hotel
TSC Full Wealth Boutique Hotel
TSC GreatWall Internaitional Hotel
TSC Palau International Hotel & Resort
The Great Wall hotel real estate investment company is rapidly expanding its hotel business and making substantial progresses in other business fields which involve the real estate development, estate management, real estate finance and so on at the same time in recent years. Thanks to the young, energetic and positive team that works for the company, the Great Wall undertakings are developing soundly and rapidly. We love every traveler, and provide services for customers with professional and responsible attitude all the time.
TSC Hotel and Resort (Hong Kong) Management Limited Company takes hotel, tourism real estate and elderly-care real estate as business core, fully exploring the mutual and complementary relationship among the three sides, committed to provide objective and neutral investment adviser report for investors. In order to make what laid down in the report become reality, we also provide comprehensive services ranging from technology consulting, brand consulting, management consulting and indoor design. As a world-leading service provider in hotel investment consulting and management, we are adept at providing one-stop services ranging from hotel investment feasibility investigation to hotel positioning planning, hotel construction technology consulting, hotel design consulting, hotel opening preparation and agent management after hotel comes into operation. We serve projects owned by Great Wall Garments Group and also those of our cooperative investors. 
Current projects under construction and operation include TSC Fuyuan International Hotel (Five-star) in Shandong China, TSC Fuyuan Boutique Hotel (Boutique) Shandong China, Great Wall International Hotel (Four-star) in Haiduong Vietnam, 1958 Theme Hotel (Boutique) in Tianjin China, 1958 Postpartum Recovery Center ( Five-star Confinement Center) in Tianjin China, TSC Palau International Hotel aka Resort ( Under construction, Platinum Five-star) in Palau, TSC Tashkent International Hotel (Five-star in preparation) in Tashkent Uzbekistan, and TSC Samarkand Boutique Hotel (Boutique-to-be) in Samarkand Uzbekistan.





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