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Advanced image customization workshop

Caiyu Workshop is an experienced manufacturer in upscale women business wear, which has been involved in foreign trade and export for 35 years. It is also the customization workshop under Great Wall Garments Group. Caiyu Customization Workshop is situated in Xinda Plaza, one of the busiest commercial and financial center in Tianjin along Haihe River. It has been committed to creating a versatile image-building space integrating costume design, image design, Haute Douture, culture salon, handcraft workshop and aesthetics class, in a hope to delivering fresh ideas on how to live gracefully for public. 
Caiyu Image-building Customization Workshop is under direct leadership of Dong Ruirui, who is a famous image designer in China and committed to aesthetics study. Caiyu Image-building Customization Workshop combines different forms of aesthetics ranging from image design, Haute Douture, culture salon and temperament cultivation class, expanding limits of graceful life. 
Cultural inheritance of wedding gown
A wedding gown is more than “an enchantment over appearance”, it also reflects the inheritance of culture. 
For Chinese brides, Chinese wedding gown embodies the inheritance of family affections and bounds. As time goes by, people tend to trace origins of culture, while the examples set by celebrities make the traditional wedding gowns even more fascinating. It will undergo design, measurement, pattern-making, sample, semi-finished product and handcraft improvement before one tailored and individualized gown comes into being. But it is especially made for you, and be your treasure in the whole lifetime. In order to present the most classic and delicate Chinese craftsmanship and tradition, time cost is the last thing we count. We want to make the wedding ceremony priceless and the memorable time eternal.

The major target group of Chinese wedding gown are elites with fine-taste, economic strength, and high education. They may pay more attention to the quality and the auspicious meanings behind when customizing wedding dress.

wedding series


Apart from wedding dress, we also provide mother wear and bridesmaid dress to unify the images in the Chinese wedding. 



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